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National Inclusion Week is an annual campaign run by Inclusive Employers to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion in the workplace and the business benefits to having a diverse and included workforce.

Inclusion is about making sure that people feel valued, respected, listened to and able to challenge. It’s about recognising and valuing the differences we each bring to the workplace and creating an environment where everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources and can contribute to the organisations success.

National Inclusion Week 2016

We are busy arranging workshops and resources for 2016. Check out what the Inclusive Employers Team has planned so far and click on the events below to find out more.

If you want a member of our team to run a workshop in your workplace either for your colleagues or as an open event for all contact us at, or see what inclusive topics we can cover here. Check out our team here.

We have two open workshops in NIW2016. The spaces are on a first come first served basis.

Tuesday 27th September - 2pm - 4pm - Managing change, Understanding difference

Is your organisation experiencing a period of change? Change is a constant in today’s world and the speed of change is ever increasing. However as individuals and teams change can be the hardest thing to achieve successfully.

In this workshop participants learn how we all approach change differently and thus how we can manage others and ourselves through change. Through sharing experiences, learning a model of transition and recognising the different types of change, delegates will learn about different strategies for managing change, the different types of change, how people manage change differently.

Delegates will learn how they can normalise the experience of change, the emotional stages of transition and how to successfully manage change back in the workplace.

This session is useful to: HR and L&D managers, Agents of change, project leaders including those managing current change initiatives, anyone experiencing organisational or departmental change.

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Wednesday 28th September - All Day - The Future for Staff Networks

This highly interactive day has been developed for colleagues in all staff networks, Diversity and Inclusion teams, HR teams and mangers supporting the work of their organisations's staff networks.

Download the conference brochure here.

Early bird offer

10% discount on all tickets if you book by 10th August 2016.

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