It's National
Inclusion Week...
Get Involved!

National Inclusion Week is an annual week of workplace activities and events that highlight the importance of inclusion across the UK. It is a unique opportunity to get connected to and engage with people who are passionate about inclusion in your workplace and beyond. 

Getting your workplace involved in National Inclusion Week will enable you to showcase how you make a difference at work by valuing difference. National Inclusion Week is an Inclusive Employers initiative, we are passionate about making a difference at work by valuing difference and we hope you join in our week of celebrations.  Inclusion is a business priority; inclusive workplaces maximise the potential of all employees. Together we will lead the way in breaking barriers and building success.

Get involved, do 3 things

Every organisation is welcome to take part in National Inclusion Week. If you’d like to get involved we are asking that you pledge to do 3 things, no matter how big or small. Here are some ideas:

  • Put the ‘we are taking part in National Inclusion Week’ logo in your organisation’s email signature.
  • Come along to one of the many events happening throughout the week.
  • Host your own event and we’ll include it on the National Inclusion Week events calendar.
  • Join our conversation, every day during the week we’re having a tweet-in; follow us @NationalIncWeek #NIW2014 to take part.
  • Broadcast and share our series of videos on how to create an inclusive workplace.
  • Find out how much you and your colleagues know about inclusion by doing the National Inclusion Week quiz.

There are more tips and resources for taking part in our toolkit which you can access once you’ve registered. In return for registering, we’ll include your logo and any of your events during National Inclusion Week on this site. This will demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to inclusion.